The United Nations Association of America needed an online portal to engage millennials in becoming global citizens

With focus shifting away from globalization and more towards isolation, now more than ever is it important to encourage young Americans to look beyond their country's borders and to take their place among the global community.

A youthful and interactive site, GenUN enables UNA-USA to reach out and grow their community. Built on NationBuilder, a digital advocacy tool, GenUN contains a variety of tools - from petitions, volunteer pledges, and meeting toolkits - to allow their local chapter affiliates to organize around worthy causes pertaining to the UN's many initiatives.

One form of engagement was to develop a custom Google Maps interface to allow for community members to see local chapters throughout the United States.

Utilizing NationBuilder's database and Liquid templating language, I used Google Maps' API to plot university chapter information from around the country, while also allowing users to filter by state using jQuery.

Photo credit: cStreet Campaigns