Rainforest Action Network

Project 1: Mapping community action grants around the globe

The Rainforest Action network's (RAN) Community Action Grants provide crucial and rapid funding for people fighting climate change and deforestation in their communities across the globe. These grants are crucial to protect millions of acres of forest, to keep millions of tons of carbon in the ground, and to protect the rights and self determination of local communities.

Mapping where these grants go all around the world is crucial to RAN's successful advocacy and outreach.

By utilizing a combination of NationBuilder's CMS to house the grantee information, jQuery and MapBox, I was able to accomplish creating an interactive visualization via scrolling through the list of grants made, with the map dynamically updating to the location of the grantee. Filtering mechanisms and a donation call-to-action are also included.

Project 2: The snack food scorecard

Another pillars of RAN's campaigning is their program to end the use of palm oil, especially in the food industry.

This includes publicly calling out the big players in the industry using the Snackfood 20 Scorecard, a platform where visitors can better understand who these companies are, and what they're doing / not doing to stop the use of palm oil in their foods.

With data about these companies stored in NationBuilder's CMS, I used MixItUp JS to create a fully-responsive table structure to allow for the companies' logos to be showcased. Clicking on them loads a BootStrap modal with more information about their offences. Filter capabilities native to MixItUp allow users to find more specific information.

Project 3: Storytelling and data visualization

RAN asked its community: "Envision a future where we have achieved climate stability. What does it look like?" The Change the Course platform is their community's answer.

To allow the community the opportunity to answer this question, I built a single-page survey off of NationBuilder's Surveys API.

To engage the community in taking the survey, I created a multimedia experience using jQuery and Popcorn.js (an HTML5 Media Framework).

To round it off, I utilized a Rails application to aggregate the survey results, and Chartist.js and D3.js to visualize their responses through a series of charts and graphs.