Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Nurses make all the difference

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses wanted an multimedia campaign to engage Saskatchewan residents on the importance of having properly-trained nurses in the healthcare industry.

Should be obvious, but apparently not for the Saskatchewan government who were looking for cost-cutting measures.

The digital portion, combined with print, radio and TV ads, guided users through a story arc that allowed them to truly appreciate the hard work and dedication unionized nurses have, and the extensive education and practical training to get there. They are a critical part of the province's healthcare puzzle.

This included a number of "scrolling" storytelling experiences, where users are guided through all the work and training that nurses must undertake in order to be effective in the emergency room, during childbirth and throughout long-term care. Utilizing a series of SCSS mixins, I was able to create a general template for each of these timelines, while also being able to override and customize them to the individual designs.

Photo Credit: Saskatchewan Union of Nurses + cStreet Campaigns